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A journey from Porto to Vienna – not so easy!

Jorge Nascimento wanted something seemingly simple: buy a plane departing from Porto to Vienna, Austria. Unlike any ordinary citizen, it would take about ten minutes on the Internet to accomplish this task, Jorge had to wait a month until yesterday, after several exchanges of e-mails, decided to go to the desk in the TAP Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto, where he spent more than four hours to finally get the issue of the desired ticket. The difference is that George, 40 years old student, has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

Jorge was born yesterday at the airport and only then solved the problem by Jorge Nascimento was yesterday at the airport and only then solved the problem (Photo: Fernando Velvet / NFactos)

“I do not understand. You can not understand,” repeated George near the desk in the Portuguese airline. The student of the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto went to the airport accompanied by Luisa Magalhaes, the association GAIAC (Action Group Artistic and Cultural Exchange), who invited him to participate in the European Valid Voice on the rights of persons with reduced mobility , which takes place 23-29 May in Vienna. At the counter, to help George, was also Carlos Afonso, who accompanies him on the trip to Vienna, and José Soeiro, a member of BE.

Jorge Nascimento tried to make a reservation for a flight through a travel agency, on April 21. The obstacles were many: a small plane because it was not possible to take the wheelchair in the basement, because George would have to pay shipping of the chair in another plane as if it were a normal shipping charge, because it should give details of the weight of the chair and more detailed information on the mobility of the passenger because the flight involved a stopover and a change to another airline …

He spent nearly a month and they initially tried to book travel for about 300 euros already cost nearly double. Disgusted, Jorge Nascimento was yesterday to the airport and refused to leave there without your situation resolved. Out with the new tickets and itinerary. Instead of Porto-Brussels-Vienna, Jorge and Carlos Afonso will make the flight Porto-Lisbon-Zurich-Vienna. With the wheelchair on board and with a reduced price.

“Anyone buying a trip on the Internet in minutes and I was obliged to wait a month and stay here one day to fix this. It is not fair. My desire is to go to court,” the university student, noting that there ten years he traveled to Argentina, another airline, with no problems. This time, George feels he was discriminated against and, therefore, already with tickets in hand after more than four hours spent at the desk of TAP, called the complaints book.

TAP admits failures

Antonio Monteiro, spokeswoman for TAP, admits that there were shortcomings. And therefore, Jorge Nascimento paid for the trip would pay for a month. “I admit that there has not been the desired efficacy for solving this problem quickly,” said the official, suggesting that in situations “with this kind of detail, and are not standardized,” the passengers are traveling on points where there is ” direct forms of relationship. ” Antonio Monteiro insists that the problem was the inability to carry the chair with the passenger on the plane that would make the flight between Porto and Brussels. And, rejecting the complaint of discrimination, he concedes that “there was no sensitivity and ability to solve the problem.”


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Theater- und DanceAbility-Workshop mit Vera Rebl und Aneta Derzynska

>> Theater und Tanz treffen sich, um gemeinsam eine Straßenperformance zu entwickeln. <<

Wir laden alle ein, die gerne am Workshop teilnehmen und miteinander eine Straßenperformance erarbeiten wollen.

SPRACHE: Englisch und Deutsch, meist Körpersprache

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, wer will, bringt etwas zu essen mit, es wäre fein, am Ende des Workshops gemeinsam zu essen!



Uhrzeit wo
Sonntag, 30 Jänner 15.00 – 20.00 h KINDERATELIERNeubaugürtel 7, 1150 Wien
Sonntag, 13 Februar 15.00 – 20.00 h WUK-Gebäude Wien (Raum Flieger)*
Sonntag, 20 Februar 15.00 – 20.00 h WUK-Gebäude Wien (Raum Flieger)*
Sonntag, 6 März 15.00 – 20.00 h WUK-Gebäude Wien (Raum Flieger)*
Sonntagt, 20 März 15.00 – 20.00 h WUK-Gebäude Wien (Raum Flieger)*

*Eingang über Innenhof, barrierefreier Eingang über Prechtigasse

Videos zu Danceability unter folgenden Links: (1)(2)(3)




Interessante Links:

America’s Disability Activitists

Creature Discomforts


Die Begriffe, die man sich von etwas macht, sind sehr wichtig. Sie sind die Griffe, mit denen man die Dinge bewegen kann.

Bertolt Brecht


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